Lydia is Cancelled

I was forced to add an update to this blog post that I wrote almost nine years ago, because a female from Canada (that I do not know at all), decided to accuse me of being racist.  She calls her self Lydia on the post and here is the link.

Lydia’s post has gone somewhat viral over social media, and the amount of hate mail I have received has gotten out of control.  People like Lydia, that spread false accusations all over the internet, only contribute to the ignorance and bullying that forces some people to perform revolting acts.  Lydia is completely naive and should really put this to an end.

First of all, it is impossible for me to be racist.  I am 50% southeast asian, 25% Scottish, and 25% African American.  I was raised in a tough neighborhood in the Southside of Chicago. It really cannot get more multicultural and racially diverse than that.  I am not physically attracted to Asian women, and there is nothing wrong with that.  I’m sure that many of you have a “type” that turns you on more than others.  I actually prefer dating Hispanic women, because to me…they have more attractive features.  #Jenniferlopez . Some people like big booties, some people like small booties. Being attracted to certain types of women does not make someone racist.  

I am also not biphobic.  I’ve dated more bisexuals than lesbians, but all of my long term relationships have been with lesbians.  Bisexuals tend to “flip-flop” a little too much for me, and there is nothing wrong with that either.  

It makes me really sad that Lydia has gone on to destroy my reputation.  I spend countless hours volunteering to help homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City.  Almost half of the homeless in NYC are young LGBTQ and most of them are transgender.  I am very involved with the gay community and help organize fundraisers to keep the few LGBTQ shelters we have open.   Many of the homeless youth that I support have been abused and sexually exploited.   But Lydia…had the audacity to slander me online as a racist.  I would like to know what she does to help the gay community.  Apparently, she is only adding to the hostility, and so are all of you that support her.  


Why Do Men Think Lesbians Aren’t Lesbians???

Why can’t straight men believe that a woman can live a perfectly happy life without needing sex with a penis?  It’s impossible for them to understand that a penis is not the only thing in the world that can please a woman.  In fact, many of my straight female friends are RARELY pleased.  A guy should give up when you tell him that you’re a lesbian, but instead they see it as an invitation to watch you and your girlfriend.  What is it that makes all these men think that a lesbian needs a man every once in a while???

After watching “The Kids Are Alright” I started to realize why men get so jolly when they hear the word “lesbian.”  If filmmakers stopped creating these unrealistic and pointless lesbian movies, perhaps straight men would learn what the definition of lesbian really is.

All lesbian movies just plain suck! They are obviously making these movies to satisfy straight men fantasies.  In almost every single “mainstream” and notable lesbian movie, one of the girl’s ends up with a guy.  It even happened in Queer as Folk and the L Word.   These stories make lesbians look like we don’t know what we want, and makes women in general look completely dependent on men.

Movies play a big role in developing the culture and stereotypes perceived upon the lesbian community.  It’s really irritating that the majority of lesbian movies portray us as always wanting to take a break from our girlfriends to be with a man.  The only lesbian movie that hasn’t pissed me the hell off is “I Can’t Think Straight.”  Now that is a story that represents our community well.

Will we ever get our “Brokeback Mountain?”  From the way things are going…probably not.

Lipstick Lesbian Pride!!!

The gay community has so many flags that represent all the different sub-communities. Our gay male friends are definitely the most established.  They have a flag for the young gays, leather guys, hairy guys, and girly guys.  Even the bisexuals have their own flag!!!!

So I’ve always wondered…WHERE ARE THE LESBIAN FLAGS????  Are we lacking pride or is our community just too lazy to come up with something?

I have taken it upon myself to design the very first lipstick lesbian pride flag.  Now we have our own flag to wave at the gay parade!

And here it is…..

The Official Lipstick Lesbian Flag