The 10 Best Things About Being A Lesbian

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey my fellow lesbians!
I’ve made a list of what I think are the greatest advantages of loving women.
Send me a comment if you want to add anything to the list.

1.  Sex lasts a hell of a lot longer then 10 minutes.
2.  You’ll never have to clean up piss off the outside of the toilet.
3.  Double the wardrobe.
4.  Sex doesn’t stop until YOU cum
5.  Girls smell good even when they’re all sweaty.
6.  You will save a ton of money since you’ll never go out.
7.  Multiple orgasms!
8.  Your lover will become your best friend.
9.  You don’t have to worry about an “OOPS!”
10. Girls are just more romantic.


    Not quite a lesbian, but i do luv ur list.

  2. casey says:

    Awesome! I liked your “jane” story as well. too funny! you should share more stories, you tell them very well without rambling like other posts i’ve seen on the internet.

  3. Borealis says:

    I agree. Well put, Casey.

  4. Love #2 and #10!!!

    All true! A woman’s body and lips….so soft!

  5. Mrkash guy says:

    Hi…Just came across your super nice blog while looking for the significance of the colors of the (Lipstick) Lesbian Flag, which I didn’t find out btw…
    well, I wanna add something…I m a gay bear from Mauritius island, Indian Ocean…
    ►12 best things about loving (gay bear) guys…◄
    1. It s not about sex with one’s bf..It s about love-making,,, so much much more than 10 mins…even hours…;)
    2. The piss doesn’t matter much, as the lavabo is easily used for the same purpose.. so , no spilling ‘outside’… 😉
    3. Double the wardrobe if u n your bf are of the same size…Anyway, sometimes clothes aren’t absolute must.. An underwear or a short will do…And guys don’t take half a day to get ready, half a minute is enough… 😉
    4. Cumming is just an added bonus, sometimes a delicious tasty one… 😉
    5. Man smelly sweat is aphrodisiac, n pleasing n tasty too… 😉
    6. There s always a budget for food, beers n smoke (we spend much less on clothes n stuffs)… 😉
    7. We don’t deal with the ‘Flow’…So, every day of every month of every year is (probable) play day…;)
    8. Arguments aren’t noisy and ‘looooong’, maybe sometimes physical(we are guys! Woof Grrr..), but *always* end with a hot play session…;)
    9. Guys are always ever ready (and hot) anytime anywhere for play sessions… ‘headaches’ aren’t excuses… 😉
    10. Your lover becomes your best friend and confidant…;)
    11. ‘ Oops’ are understood and readily excused…;)
    12. Gay guys are *even* more romantic…;)
    I may be biased since im talking from the Gay Bear perspective…Woof…
    Love your blog…
    Mrkash guy (on facebook)

  6. Dontbother says:

    Haha so stereotypical in your man hate 😂😂😂

    Thank you for reinforcing my word views and making the world seem like a simpler place.

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