A Butch At A Bar

My girlfriend and I were sitting at the bar inside the infamous Cubbyhole one beautiful summer afternoon.  As I’m ordering another round of drinks from the bartender, a girl that resembled a young K.D. Lang in a NYU t-shirt started hitting on my girlfriend.  I turned to hand over my girlfriend a drink, and gave her new admirer a big smile and said, “Hi, I’m her girlfriend.”

(I never got the girl’s name so I’m going to call her Casey.)

“What????” Casey exclaimed with a totally confused look on her face.

“Umm…yea we’re together,” my girlfriend said.

Casey declared,”That’s sooooo WEIRD!!! I’ve never seen two femmes together!!! You guys are lying!!!!”

My girlfriend and I looked at each other totally astonished.  Out of all places, we’re getting shit at a gay bar!!!!

“What’s so weird about that?”  I asked obviously annoyed.

“It just doesn’t make any sense!” Casey said as she walked away shaking her head.

Wow…so even a lesbian thinks it’s weird for two feminine girls to be together?  Something is wrong with our community, and I will definitely elaborate on that later.


12 thoughts on “A Butch At A Bar

  1. hahahaha thats weird a lesbian asks such a question =)) omg what she knows about being a lesbian seriously !!!!!! i think femme with femme is so damn hot …. 😀
    btw u mad hilarious ….. keep it up girl 😉

  2. Wow, how simple minded is she! I didn’t know it was wrong for two femmes to be together. My girlfriend and I are femmes too and I think we look great!:)

  3. See, that’s the thing about the roles. Even if we are out of the “straight world”, it seems like we still have to play those hetero roles. So, if you are “pans”, you’ve got to date a lady… That’s so wierd!
    Isn’t that the first intersting thing about being a lesbian? You don’t have to pretend to be the “woman” in the relationship – meaning that, you’re not the one who is necessarily gonna wash the dishes or cook – and the other can play the “man” role – driving, carrying the heavy stuff.
    Well, so, maybe you should have told that K.d. lang stunt to fuck off (in a nice way, obsviously!)
    By the way, liking your blog 🙂

  4. funny story! That response was odd and I think it was just a case of jealousy makes you nasty….hahaha…let’s all have a laugh.

    elaborate soon.

  5. Maybe we should re-define what a lesbian is… two women who like women who like to be with each other? Men or manliness is not in the equation. Even the so called “butch” women are still women and should embrace being a lesbian – a woman that loves other women. Yes, it is a big topic and I look forward to more on your blog!

  6. Hi, I am new to your blog. Its nice to come here and read your blogs. I too am a Lesbian living in USA originally from India. Thinking of starting a blog.

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