Why Do Men Think Lesbians Aren’t Lesbians???

Why can’t straight men believe that a woman can live a perfectly happy life without needing sex with a penis?  It’s impossible for them to understand that a penis is not the only thing in the world that can please a woman.  In fact, many of my straight female friends are RARELY pleased.  A guy should give up when you tell him that you’re a lesbian, but instead they see it as an invitation to watch you and your girlfriend.  What is it that makes all these men think that a lesbian needs a man every once in a while???

After watching “The Kids Are Alright” I started to realize why men get so jolly when they hear the word “lesbian.”  If filmmakers stopped creating these unrealistic and pointless lesbian movies, perhaps straight men would learn what the definition of lesbian really is.

All lesbian movies just plain suck! They are obviously making these movies to satisfy straight men fantasies.  In almost every single “mainstream” and notable lesbian movie, one of the girl’s ends up with a guy.  It even happened in Queer as Folk and the L Word.   These stories make lesbians look like we don’t know what we want, and makes women in general look completely dependent on men.

Movies play a big role in developing the culture and stereotypes perceived upon the lesbian community.  It’s really irritating that the majority of lesbian movies portray us as always wanting to take a break from our girlfriends to be with a man.  The only lesbian movie that hasn’t pissed me the hell off is “I Can’t Think Straight.”  Now that is a story that represents our community well.

Will we ever get our “Brokeback Mountain?”  From the way things are going…probably not.


6 thoughts on “Why Do Men Think Lesbians Aren’t Lesbians???

  1. Personally as a straight guy your 100% right, i have friends who are lesbian and hey act nothing like what i’ve seen in movies. frankly i’m glade that they don’t.i love them the way they are.since i knew what lesbian meant i have never seen a true big screen adaptation of what a real lesbian couple looks like.but don’t be discouraged. a true movie about lesbians is coming but it would need the right director.

  2. Hahaha… I couldn’t have said it better!! Have you watched Imagine Me & You? Its old but would love to check it out…

  3. omg men just don’t believe me when i tell them i am a lipstick lesbian! you are so right. they always just say that we haven’t had sex with the “right guy” yet. I DON’T LIKE MEN! i don’t know how many times i have to tell them that. i think i will create a t-shirt business to let them read it along with me saying it! lol

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