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My girlfriend and I were sitting at the bar inside the infamous Cubbyhole one beautiful summer afternoon.  As I’m ordering another round of drinks from the bartender, a girl that resembled a young K.D. Lang in a NYU t-shirt started hitting on my girlfriend.  I turned to hand over my girlfriend a drink, and gave her new admirer a big smile and said, “Hi, I’m her girlfriend.”

(I never got the girl’s name so I’m going to call her Casey.)

“What????” Casey exclaimed with a totally confused look on her face.

“Umm…yea we’re together,” my girlfriend said.

Casey declared,”That’s sooooo WEIRD!!! I’ve never seen two femmes together!!! You guys are lying!!!!”

My girlfriend and I looked at each other totally astonished.  Out of all places, we’re getting shit at a gay bar!!!!

“What’s so weird about that?”  I asked obviously annoyed.

“It just doesn’t make any sense!” Casey said as she walked away shaking her head.

Wow…so even a lesbian thinks it’s weird for two feminine girls to be together?  Something is wrong with our community, and I will definitely elaborate on that later.