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The gay community has so many flags that represent all the different sub-communities. Our gay male friends are definitely the most established.  They have a flag for the young gays, leather guys, hairy guys, and girly guys.  Even the bisexuals have their own flag!!!!

So I’ve always wondered…WHERE ARE THE LESBIAN FLAGS????  Are we lacking pride or is our community just too lazy to come up with something?

I have taken it upon myself to design the very first lipstick lesbian pride flag.  Now we have our own flag to wave at the gay parade!

And here it is…..

The Official Lipstick Lesbian Flag


1.  Lesbians won’t approach you at a bar because they think you’re a bisexual whore looking for a threesome with your boyfriend.

2.  Nobody ever believes that you’re gay,  and thinks that you’re just going through a phase because of a bad boyfriend experience.

3.  Men become way too interested in your life.

4.  Finding another single lipstick lesbian is next to impossible.

5.  Butches get ALL the girls!!!

6.  When you walk into a lesbian bar, everyone looks at you up and down and then whispers to each other, “Well she went to the wrong place.”

7.  You get more action from straight girls wanting to experiment.

8.  Most lipstick lesbians are mean ass bitches.

9.  When you come out to someone they always have a crazy look on their face and then say…”Well I had no idea! You don’t seem gay!!!”

1o.  Everyone thinks that your butch friend is your lover.